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Elizabeth Lyon: Editing International

Editing Services

Novels, Query Letters, Nonfiction Books, Proposals, Consulting. Every writer who completes the hard work of writing a book should be able to share it with an appreciative audience. Accomplishing that goal may or may not happen as the writer envisioned, yet today, there are more ways to fulfill this desire than ever before.

All writing needs revision. A good editor makes corrections and provides clear, constructive criticism and directions for revision and marketing. A good editor “listens.” A good editor draws from intuition and experience to understand what a writer intended but may not have expressed well, or at all. Read more

Workshops and talks

Elizabeth Lyon has been a guest workshop and retreat instructor and speaker at writers' conferences in the US and Canada since 1995. She also creates custom, private workshops, or talks, for organizations and clubs and travels to their locations. Schedule

Client Successes

It is a joy to feature client publications. Many books listed in Client Successes have earned praise, drawn positive reviews from major media, or have been nominated for awards. Whether she helped a writer find an agent, or edited a proposal or novel from partial to polish, that book is listed, along with the author’s subsequent successes. Read more


After writing six books that together have sold over 80,000 copies, Elizabeth Lyon has covered almost every aspect of how to write, revise, and market. Her first book, Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write, has sold over 34,000 copies, and is widely recommended by literary agents. Her sixth book, Manuscript Makeover, was selected by The Writer magazine in 2008 as one of that year's "8 Great Writing Books" and "perhaps the most comprehensive book on revising fiction." She also launched a booklet series to explore a single subject related to fiction in depth. Read more.

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